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About Us

Because it’s time. is on a mission to shift the political paradigm. We represent an emerging majority who are seeking logical solutions for the two-party dilemma.  We promote positive principles and perspectives intended to foster productive conversations and respectable debate.

By examining opposite ends of the political spectrum, we can cultivate balanced perspectives that are rooted in intellectual clarity, rather than emotional ideology. This is critical for effective communication and productive collaboration.

Unfortunately, our country is being torn apart by a complete disregard for civility. Bashing political opponents has become a national sport. The senseless belittling and dehumanizing of our fellow Americans must stop, before we descend into cultural chaos.

About the Founder

Sam Pats is an American Patriot, poet, philosopher, and political activist who enjoys a worldwide reputation as an elite intellectual powerhouse. His uncanny grasp of slippery concepts and lucid articulations strike at the heart of political ignorance with calculated precision.

Mr. Pats presents to the world as a public service, for posterity’s sake. His mission is to elevate awareness and expound understanding for the benefit of all Americans.

Sam is an inspiring public speaker, professional speech writer, and amateur podcast provocateur. And yes, his sought after talents are available for hire. More information will be available soon.

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About Us

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