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Critical Political Conversations

Stone Cold Considerations

Difficult Conversations?

Critical political conversations are happening all around us. You may have heard people talking about the political ‘narrative’ of the left or right. What does that mean?

The narrative is the story line. It’s the specific words and phrases that a politician, journalist, or political party will use to tell their version of the story. It facilitates collaborative conversations.

When you hear the same story from several different sources, it seems a lot more convincing. Whether it’s true or not. This is why narrative is such a critical element of political strategy.

Shaping the narrative will help us shift the paradigm.

Get Equipped.

In a lot of conversations, especially political ones, it feels like the person that talks the loudest must be the one who’s right. Of course, that’s usually not the case.

When we’re talking to friends and family who have different political perspectives, it can be very intimidating. It’s hard to know who’s right, and few of us want to get into a fight or ruin relationships.

Still, it’s important that we feel confident to share our own perspective. We shouldn’t allow the conversation to be one-side. But what do you say? How do you disagree politely? How can you express your own opinions and till maintain mutual respect?

Speaking up is a lot easier to do when you feel equipped.