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The Power Of A Peaceful Protest

Peaceful non-compliance can change the course of history. When leaders turn into tyrants, they CLAIM they have authority over more and more of your life–even control over your body.

It can be difficult to escape the clutches of authoritarian control. At some point, citizens have to make a stand and reclaim their rights.

When school administrators insist on trampling the rights of students and refusing to listen to parents, the time has come for non-compliance.

Planning ahead and getting organized are critical for success. Make a plan, pick a time, spread the word, and recruit as many people as you can to stand with you!


What happens next?

When they tell you you have to cover your face, there are several ways you might respond:

  • Refuse to listen, refuse to leave. What are they going to do? Pick you up and carry you to the office? They can’t pick you all up!
  • Say, “I’m here to learn. I need to breathe!” Tell the teacher they have no right to restrict your breathing– that is child abuse!
  • Call or text your parents. Make sure your parents know what’s going on! Have a plan if you need to leave the school.


(The full length presentation is available at the bottom of the page.)

This presentation is built on

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This is a limited selection of available information… just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Please Educate yourself and share this information!

Watch The Full Length Parental Rights Presentation (~43min)